Going Back to the Basics… the 60’s and 70’s

UPDATED: Don’t you just love the movies from the 60’s and 70’s? I know I do! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rhino Films is riding the rage for remakes of 1960s and ’70s horror films by developing a redo of the 1967 cult classic She Freak. Read on for full details..
The Hollywood Reporter continues that screenwriting duo Tim Sullivan and Chris Kobin are attached to the project. Sullivan and Kobin recently penned another horror remake, “2001 Maniacs,” starring Robert Englund, for GreeneStreet Films’ genre arm Raw Nerve.

“Maniacs” is in postproduction. Originally produced by horrormeister David Friedman, the campy “Freak” offers a female twist on “The Phantom of the Opera” set amid a traveling rock ‘n’ roll carnival sideshow. Sullivan, who helmed “Maniacs,” is circling directorial duties on “Freak.”

Want more details? Then head on over to Creature-Corner, who broke this news Monday.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Creature-Corner