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Fylmar Productions Saves ‘Wreckage’

Producers Jordan Yale Levine and Franco Sama through their Fylmar Productions shingle has stepped in and raised the final capital needed to save the indie, horror, thriller, Wreckage and will enter the film as executive producers on the project. For more on the problems and what the future hold for the project, read on.
The film recently ran out of funding and was unable to shoot the last thirty minutes of the ending.

Wreckage tells the story about a Gulf War veteran and his three friends who get stranded in a deserted auto wreckage yard and soon find themselves hunted by someone who they think may be an escaped killer.

The film is directed by John Mallory Asher (Dirty Love) and is written and produced by David Frigerio and also produced by Kristen Kirchner. Wreckage stars 2009 Emmy Award nominated actor Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Cameron Richardson (Harpers Island) and Mike Erwin (Everwood).

Levine and Sama founded Fylmar Productions four and half years ago and since then Fylmar has garnered a reputation known around town for being able to raise the capital needed to get indie films made. Co-owned by twenty-four year old Levine, who is one of the youngest and most respected independent film producers in Tinsel Town, Fylmar Productions is fast becoming one of the hottest and valued production houses in Hollywood.

In August 11, 2009 Fylmar will release the indie film MO on DVD. MO tells the story about a kid who wants to be cool and fit in and be like everyone else. When Mo’s looks at his body he sees that he doesn’t quite resemble any of his peers. His family soon discovers that he suffers from a genetic mutation called “Marfan Syndrome.” Mo is then forced to come to terms with a more serious reality. The movie stars Erik Per Sullivan (“Malcolm in the Middle”) and Margo Martindale (“Dexter”/ Hannah Montana: The Movie) and is directed and produced by Brian Scott Lederman. Past Fylmar Production releases include in the independent features Paid (2009), Tooth & Nail (2008), and The Final Curtin/Acts of Death (2007).



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