Conflict of Interest Leaves Daveigh Chase M.I.A

The Ring 2 is heading into production soon with a new director, and a newly revised script, what does this mean for little Daveigh Chase who played Samara Morgan in the 2002 smash hit The Ring (review)? Naomi Watts, David Dorfman and Simon Baker are all confirmed for the sequel, which is now set for a November 2004 release. Read on and find out what the deal with Chase is..
I’d be sad too, but hey, there’s always a prequel…

Our scooper JPM, who sent in some of the script for the sequel, which has been confirmed as real, let us know the status of Daveigh Chase, and why she’s not expected to return:

There’s a simple reason why Miss Chase is NOT returning to play the role of Samara: screen time.

The character of Samara only appears three times in the entire screenplay (now that all the flashback scenes have been cut). We do not get to see her face at all; just her mop of hair obscuring it. She has no lines whatsoever as well. This is why Miss Chase chose not to return; more than likely the production team can use any other girl of similar height and
build to stand in for those three scenes.

Incidentally, this is the reason the previous director Noam Murro left the project; he wanted to include all the flashback scenes, he was in love with making a horror movie ‘Godfather 2′ style.