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Horror In Your House DVD Release List for August 4, 2009

Tex writes in with this week’s Horror In Your House, a complete list of horror DVDs arriving in stores August 4th, 2009. OK….listen up! This week sucks for new releases. Because of that, I don’t really have a “PICK OF THE WEEK”. So, I’m just gonna give a shout out to my friend Julie Anne who appears as Wendy in the “Night Scream” segment of the anthology flick SLICES which is listed below! I haven’t seen the film so don’t kill me if it sucks. However, if it rocks, then I take full credit for the recommendation! Till next week…
Horror In Your House
August 4, 2009

ALIEN UPRISING: Maverick Entertainment Group

A suspected prisoner uprising brings Marines to the prison planet of Rove 12, but nothing is what it seems. The few surviving prisoners are hiding from a ruthless, blood thirsty creature. Now the prisoners and the marines must fight together to get off the planet ALIVE!

ART OF THE DEVIL 3: Tokyo Shock

Panor, a seductive rural teacher, longs to live a normal, peaceful life like everyone else in her village. But her beauty becomes her biggest curse as she becomes the object of desire from every man that enters her life. Male colleagues and students alike resort to a variety of black arts and love potions in an attempt to win her favor. To counter their endless menace, Panor herself must turn to witchcraft to combat her supernaturally charged suitors.


A former university professor traps six innocent strangers in an abandoned steam room and threatens to kill them by slowing cranking up the heat until they perish. The hostages can only be saved if a local newspaper publishes his story about global warming and its effects on humanity at large. A police investigator must then race against time to find the terrified, panicked subjects of The Chaos Experiment – a new test in survival.

CRAVINGS: Lionsgate

Nina, a troubled teen, is fixed on an uninterrupted feast of destruction when she’s forced to confront her immortality and twisted blood lust. Trapped between light and dark, psychosis and reality, the living and the dead, she’ll stop at nothing to satiate her CRAVINGS. Every addiction has a price, and usually it’s the cost of a life. Her price will be life too…but never her own.

DEMON WARRIORS: Magnolia/Magnet

A detective commits suicide in order to enter the spiritual realm between life and death. His purpose to gain supernatural powers to combat and defeat a gang of demons controlled by an overlord named Sadok. However, with each battle, he must sacrifice one of his five mortal senses. Immortality requires payment of the utmost cost.


Hot Blood Sundae” is a horror/comedy, about the perverted ice cream shop owner, Ricky, who boosts declining sales by renaming his shop to “Scoopettes,” and markets it as an adult ice cream store. This sleepy town’s ice scream store has started serving a little more than just your typical flavors, dishing out gobs of Virgin Vanilla and Busty Buttercrunch, but wait – what’s that? Eeeeek! There’s an eyeball staring up from the Cherry Vanilla! The five girls, whom Ricky calls “The Scoopettes,” are so hot the ice scream will never stay hard! But everyone leaves with a smile and much, much more! It becomes apparent that someone doesn’t like the success that Ricky is experiencing when one of the Scoopettes is found murdered in the freezer. The killing of the girls continues one at a time and the customers find a little extra in their ice scream! Remember! I Scream, You Scream, We all scream for – ICE CREAM!

NATURE’S GRAVE: Screen Media

Hoping to put the spark back into their relationship, Peter and Marcia take a camping trip that quickly turns a fight for their marriage into a horrific battle for their lives. They unknowingly stumble onto an untouched beach that doesn’t take kindly to the human intruders. Shocking and terrifying, Nature’s Grave is a disturbing glimpse of Mother Nature’s dark side.


Derek Charles, a successful asset manager who has just received a huge promotion, is blissfully happy in his career and in his marriage to the beautiful Sharon. But when Lisa, a temp worker, starts stalking Derek, all the things he’s worked so hard for are placed in jeopardy.


A music agent, his necrophiliac nephew and a burnt-out roadie with a knack for grave-robbing team to create a superstar from some of the greatest rockers who ever lived: Elvis, Morrison, Hendrix, and Vicious. But things go bad when Liberace’s love tool mistakenly ends up in the mix. Equipped with the head of Elvis and the love tool of Lee, a schizo relationship develops between the monster and his privates. And sure enough, people have to die!

SLICES: Midnight Releasing

SLICES is a Anthology horror movie in the vein of such films as THE TWILIGHT ZONE or the CREEPSHOW series five different stories, five different styles with a wrap around that ties all of them together.

TRAPPED: Code Red/Navarre

An Innocent camping weekend turns into terror and murder for four young university students! Henry Chatwell tortures, stalks and kills his wife’s lover, all witnessed by the students. Unable to contact the sheriff, the students return to their campsite where they are taken captive by Chatwell. Chatwell’s verdict is that the students must die! When you are trapped like an animal…it’s kill or be killed!

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: Under the Bed Films

When roommates Mark and Tom set out for a night at the bar. The last thing they expected to find was a mysterious machete wielding stranger (Kenny James) and a horde of the walking dead! With the help of video store clerk and amateur photographer Raven the unlikely allies must fight legions of the undead…and each other to survive the Zombie Apocalypse!



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