Be Part of ‘Rip Cage’ Cast Without Leaving Your House

Lennie writes in, “We’re looking for everyone who’d be interested in helping us out in the following way (for the opening of Rip Cage): The opening title sequence has changed over the last couple of months, just to figure out what was best for the film and we have finally decided on the design. But for this one we’re gonna need headshots, lots of them. So we thought we’d offer horror fans out there the chance of getting their face in a horror film. Basically, we want you to send us a JPG headshot of yourself, as hi-res as possible, on a neutral background to For more details on this and possible crew news read on…
Lennie continues, “This could be something funny people could point out to their friends and relatives.

As soon as we have finished editing the opening title sequence we’ll actually release it on the internet as well as the very first scene that’ll show the very first death in the film. This will be implemented into a Rip Cage featurette containing crew interviews, storyboards and a lot more.

On another note, editor Mark Sanders (Hypercube, Cube Zero) has shown major interest in the project and the chances are that he may join Mallorie Moes, who is the current editor, on the project.

If anybody has any Rip Cage related questions feel free to use the above e-mail.”

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Source: Lennie Overgaard