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Hairy Creature Design for ‘I, Frankenstein’

Death Ray Films has provided Bloody-Disgusting with an exclusive look at an impressive creature design for I, Frankenstein, the upcoming feature film directed by Patrick Tatopoulos. The upcoming Darkstorm Comic written by Grevioux brings together classic monster characters, including Frankenstein’s Monster, the Invisible Man, Dracula and the Hunchback of Notre Dame, in a contemporary film noir setting. The Monster, for example, has evolved, learned how to control his anger and now acts as a private investigator. Dracula, meanwhile, is a kingpin of crime, and the Invisible Man is a secret operative.
I feel privileged to be working with Patrick and not just because he is the director with the perfect vision for this film but also because he is one of the best creature and production designers of our time,” writes producer Robert Sanchez. “From his work on the original Stargate feature film to ID4 to Resident Evil to I, Robot and to everything in between, he is the best in the business.

When compared to the comic book version of I, Frankenstein, there are some differences. These images represent Patrick’s vision of the world created by Kevin Grevioux who is currently hard at work on the script for the film. Robert Sanchez and Chris Patton will produce and Ryan Turek will co-develop and associate produce for the Death Ray Films label.

DEATH RAY FILMS is an entertainment production company founded by comic book & film industry veterans Chris Patton, Robert Sanchez and Kevin Munroe. The trio’s diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in all forms of media include: film, TV, Internet, comics and video games. And when combined, they form a giant robot.

See more concept art at the following websiteso: Aintitcoolnews, and Shocktillyoudrop:



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