‘The Eye 2′ Rips Up the Asian Box Office!

Although reviews have been horrifyingly negative for the Pang Brothers The Eye 2, John Slattery sent me a link to an article that shows how people all over Asia are still flocking to theaters to see the movie that New Line Cinema has already picked up for a US remake. Read on for the story and watch for a review soon.
Channel News Asia reports, ” Movie buffs in Asia are flocking to Asian-produced horror films.

In Kuala Lumpur, the release of the latest horror flick “The Eye 2″, a co-production between MediaCorp’s Raintree Pictures and Applause Pictures, has broken local box office records!

The new horror thriller has been an instant hit, outgrossing other Hollywood and Asian films of the same genre in its first week of release.

Joseph Khor, Programming Manager, Tanjung Golden Village, said: “Compared to other horror movies, the average occupancy is about 60 to 80 percent, ‘The Eye 2′ is doing 90 percent. “

The film, directed by the Pang brothers, stars Shu Qi as an unwed mother to be who begins to see spirits after a failed suicide attempt.

Dr Zainal Aznam, Film Critic, said: “Filmmakers in Asia found out that’s there are some basic fundamental what makes horror films very popular across cultures, across language, across ethnic groups, the basis of instilling fear in human psyche is quite universal in my view. ‘The Eye 2′ for example now getting popular showed that they manage to tap the common fears among Asia and do in such a way that’s very appealing.”

“I definitely won’t be able to sleep for a couple of days,” said one fan.

“I like this movie because I was so terrified by it all,” said another.

Many Malays are avid fans of Asian horror films.

“I think Chinese or Japanese, they produce more imaginative cerita hantu.”

“The sound system is very impressive when the suspense, the thrillers and the story is moving.”

However some are not as concerned about the story as the star!

“Maybe it’s because of the actress this round, Shu Qi is more well known.”

“I prefer the Eye 2, because I really like Shu Qi.”

Critics say, the popularity of these horror films has raised the standards of Asian filmmakers vis-a-vis their western counterparts.

Dr Zainal Aznam said: “I feel the technical capability of Asian filmmakers now are closing and converging the gap between the horror films produced by Hollywood and horror film produced by Asian filmakers, the standards are no longer so wide.”

After more than one week, ‘The Eye 2′ continues to top the list of box office in KL, critics say the timely release of the movie ahead of the summer release of Hollywood blockbusters also helped to boost ticket sales.”

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Source: John Slattery, Channel News Asia