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‘Razorback’ Finally Gets US DVD Release



Finally available on DVD is the Aussie horror film Razorback, which quietly arrived in stores on August 4. The DVD is available at the official WB Shop. This is a MUST-SEE horror film, that you should actively look into purchasing. It’s no cute koala munching eucalyptus leaves. It’s a rhino-sized denizen of the Outback that can turn you into a blood-feast. Out of a wasteland of beauty and death comes Razorback, tensely directed by Russell Mulcahy (Highlander) and ominously shot by Dean Semler (the Mad Max cinematographer who won an Academy Award for Dances with Wolves). Gregory Harrison plays a naïve American arriving down under to look for his missing wife. Unequipped for the rough landscape and unprepared for the horrors lurking within, he is soon battling to survive. Amid the hanging carcasses of the Pet Pak cannery, he confronts the monstrous creature while a conveyor belt inches man and beast toward razor-sharp blades that will make pet food out of one – or both.


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