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TIFF ’09: Trailer, One Sheet for ‘Bitch Slap’

3 Bad Girls, 1 Desert, 1 Supercharged Thunderbird, 1,473 Exotic Weapons, 1 Ruthless Crimelord, $206 Million in Stolen Goods, A Cop Who May Not be a Cop, Hundreds More Cops who are Cops (Maybe…), A Pair of Mentally-Challenged Contract Killers, 1 Device That Could Snuff Out Life on Earth, More Cleavage than you can Shake a Stick At and Kidney Rattling Erotic Displays of Carnal Prowess Heretofore Unimagined… I don’t know about you, but I want a piece of that! Get ready for Bitch Slap, which stars Julia Voth, Erin Cummings, Ameríca Olivo (Friday the 13th), Lucy Lawless and Ron Melendez. Rick Jacobson’s film will have its world premiere at the “Midnight Madness” portion of the TIFF next month and to get you psyched we’ve got the official poster and trailer for the crazy flick. Keep up with all of our TIFF coverage by clicking here. Now read on for the goods.
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