‘Day of the Dead’ Remake on Fast Track?

Man and I thought it was all rumor, until I saw the onslaught all over the web of news reports. I received an email reporting that producer Richard Rubinstein is working hard to get a remake of Day of the Dead going because of how well Dawn did in the theaters. Well now I’ve read on both Creature Corner and Aint it Cool News the same thing – so maybe it’s true after all! Read on for the scoops.
Flyers179 informed me that AICN had the following scoop, “This year, Zack Snyder’s DAWN OF THE DEAD remake is a surprisingly okay movie. I didn’t love it, but I thought it worked well in certain stretches. There are some great moments, and I’ll give credit to both Snyder and James Gunn for the way they’ve tried to make their own movie while staying true to the general outline of the original Romero film. It was a hell of a lot more successful than last year’s miserable TEXAS CHAINSAW remake, and I’ll bet it ends up being lots better than the cheapie DAY OF THE DEAD remake that Richard Rubenstein is rushing into production at the moment.”

While Creature Corner reports that, “While in one ear I have a source telling me that producer Richard Rubinstein is gearing up to do Day as a follow-up to Universal’s successful Dawn remake with “major” financing, I’ve got someone else pointing me towards AICN where Moriarty says, too, that Rubinstein is eyeing to do something quick.”

Guess news travels fast, and I hope they aren’t all coming from the same scooper. Guess we’ll find out soon enough, Dawn did leave it wide open for Day of the Dead.