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‘Carriers’ Being Dumped in a Few Random Cities



Beyond the break you’ll find the cities for the small theatrical run of Paramount Vantage’s Carriers, which opens on September 4th. Four kids are driving through the desert on the way to the beach, their faces anything but cheery: this isn’t Spring Break. They’re trying to outrun the end of the world – and each other. In Álex and David Pastor’s Carriers, no one is safe from the viral pandemic threatening to wipe out the human race. Determined to elude the deadly virus, Danny, his brother Brian, his girlfriend Bobby and Danny’s school friend Kate speed across the Southwestern U.S. to reach a place of possible safety. Over the course of four days, the group is faced with moral decisions that no human should ever be forced to face. They discover that their greatest enemy is not the microbe attacking humanity, but the darkness within themselves.
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CARRIERS can be seen in:

– Atlanta
– Philadelphia
– Phoenix
– Detroit
– Denver
– Portland
– Minneapolis
– Charlotte
– St. Louis
– Pittsburgh
-Florida (various locations)
-and other random locations

Check Fandango or Moviefone to see where it’s playing near you.


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