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‘The Final Destination’ vs ‘Halloween II’… Tell Us, Who Will Win?

Get ready for the battle of the century as Death will be taking on Michael Myers at this weekend’s box office as New Line Cinema’s The Final Destination will be going head-to-head, mano-a-mano, toe-to-toe with Dimension Films’ Halloween II. Both films have a huge fan base, both carry loads of death and destruction, both rock a solid R-rating and both films feature the return of a director familiar with the franchise. The only difference is that Rob Zombie’s Halloween sequel is dark and uber violent, while David R. Ellis’ Destination is a fun 3-D experience. So we’re asking YOU, dear readers of Bloody Disgusting what film you plan on seeing THIS weekend (not next). Read on to enter our poll and battle other BD readers, and then check back on Friday to write your own reviews of both films to tell everyone on the site what you thought!

Which film are you going to see first this weekend?



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