Packaged ‘Army of Darkness’ Figures

Palisades Army of Darkness mini toy line is coming mid summer, and there are already packed shots of the figures. Now you can create your own Army of Darkness at home, with Palisades’ new fully articulated and eye-poppingly detailed 4-inch scale action figures. The sets will include: Hero Ash/Deadite Scout 2-pack, Pit Witch/Deadite Centurion 2-pack, Knight/Deadite Pikeman 2-pack and Deadite/Deadite Footsoldier 2-pack. Read on for a look at the packed product.

Image courtesy of Action-Figure, The 2-pack mock up below shows Hero Ash with Necronomicon, Chemistry 101 book, Boomstick, holster & cloak and Deadite Scout with spear & shield:

Source: Action-Figure