‘Man-Thing’ Heads Back to the Dark Comic Adaptations

Ever since Batman Forever, comic book adaptations have been very “artsy” and have not really brought the correct feeling of the comic to the screen; take a look at The Hulk for example. According to Ian Bliss, one of the merry Aussies who’ve scored parts in the film Man-Thing, this film is dark, and he makes it sound as dark as Tim Burton’s Batman. Read on for the scoop.
Moviehole writes per a magazine called Beat:

It “sticks pretty close to the Marvel comic which was a rather cult comic,” Bliss explains. “It’s essentially about a swamp creature and stays quite true to the darkness of how it was drawn in the comic. I play an alligator hunter who patrols this big swamp with his brother. Jack Thompson is involved and he would be the highest profile actor in the piece. What they’ve done is not attach any name actors and filled it predominantly with Australians in an attempt to let the film work on it’s own merit, to allow the film to be a bit darker and riskier than the bubble-gum comic book adaptations we’ve seen recently. They hope it works for the film but it could also work against it.

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Source: Moviehole