Kate Beckinsale Talks ‘Underworld’ Sequel

At least they have high hopes for a sequel, considering critics smashed Sony Screen Gems highly under-rated Underworld (review). The film, which starred Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman, brought Vampires and Werewolves onto the big screen together in one movie, for one big battle. Although the film didn’t blow box offices away, it still managed to bring in a wholesome $52 million- enough for a sequel to be made. Inside Kate Beckinsale talks a little bit about the process of the sequel being made, and toilets are part of the story..
“Kate Beckinsale, who will reprise the role of the vampire Selene in the upcoming sequel to Underworld, told SCI FI Wire that her real-life fiance, director Len Wiseman, is currently writing the script, but keeping it a big secret. “It’s under lock and key at the moment, but I know that they’re definitely talking about it,” Beckinsale said in an interview while promoting her next movie, Van Helsing. “There’s lots of furtive reading of scripts in the bathroom. So I think they’re writing it, but I think they don’t want to get me involved in case I freak out about something.”

A dark, stylish Romeo and Juliet story with vampires and werewolves locked in a centuries-old war, Underworld was directed and co-written by Wiseman. Wiseman, who made music videos prior to becoming a feature-film director, will co-write and direct the second film as well.

Beckinsale will again play Selene, an assassin (or “death-dealer”) charged by her fellow vampires with hunting down and killing the bloodsuckers’ mortal enemies, werewolves (or Lycans). Beckinsale’s Underworld co-star, Scott Speedman, has also already signed on to reprise his role in the next movie.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire