Jason Voorhees is Experiencing some Shrinkage

In what was first reported here in November, it looks like Paramount is going cheap on the Friday the 13th box set. We originally reported that the set was going to be only four disc, we couldn’t believe it, but it looks like we may be right after all. Read on for the details.
Our buddy Jasonlives1986 makes his return by sending us a link to Camp Crystal Lake whom further confirms our suspicions,

“Rumors and speculation have been flying about the ‘net regarding what’s actually going to comprise Paramount’s 8 film Friday the 13th box set. Well wait no more, ’cause today CCL.com unleashes some inside info for ‘ya. Contrary to what was said earlier, the set will be 5 discs (4 flippers and a bonus material disc) instead of the previously reported 9 discs.

So far, the following commentary tracks have been recorded:

Part 6: Director Tom McLoughlin
Part 7: Director John Carl Buechler and Kane Hodder
Part 8: Writer/Director Rob Hedden
Part 3: Cast commenatry, featuring Dana Kimmell, Paul Kratka, Richard Brooker, Larry Zerner and will be moderated by Peter M. Bracke.

Word around the campfire is that Toolbox (the DVD producers) don’t want the fans to be dissapointed, and are pushing to get tracks for parts 1 and 4 recorded.

The infamous uncut footage will surface in the following forms: Parts 1 and 6 will feature side-by-side comparisions of the R-rated and unrated cuts, while The New Blood’s deleted footage will be presented as a montage (with commentary by John Buechler). The Final Chapter’s TV version scenes are included, as well as a gag reel (with a shot or two of uncut gore) from Jason Takes Manhattan.

Also included are various new interviews including Sean Cunningham, Adrienne King, Betsy Palmer, Amy Steel and many, many other cast & crew from the 8 films.”

It only gets worse ghouls:

Camp Crystal Lake continues, “It has come to my attention that for whatever reason, Paramount has decided to pull some of the features mentioned earlier that would have appeared in the forthcoming Friday the 13th box set. Rather then fuel the fire of speculation, I’m just going to wait until Paramount’s offical press release comes out to list any “offical” specs for the box set. According to sources close to the production, the Jason Takes Manhattan gag reel has been removed, along with Alice Cooper’s “Man Behind the Mask” video from the Jason Lives soundtrack.”

If you can’t do it right, why bother doing it at all? If you’re saying that you’re going to go all out, why are you hesitating? This is rediculous news- if this is true, and it really is a pancake half-assed box-set coming- I refuse to buy it and waste my hard earned cash. Unless it retails for only like $40 or something.

Source: Camp Crystal Lake