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TIFF ’09: Paco Plaza on Third ‘REC’, Vampire Film!



At the Toronto International Film Festival “Midnight Madness” premiere of Rec 2 (review), co-director Paco Plaza had teased that maybe we’ll be seeing a third film in the 2010 festival. Late last week Bloody Disgusting caught up with the Spanish director who explained that they would NOT director, but would produce, assuming Filmax goes forth with a third film. In addition, he also broke the news on what his next film could be. Read on for the skinny.
Last week Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza teased that a third REC might happen, but we’ve learned they won’t direct.

It’s impossible not to [think about a sequel] because in making the film we spent a lot of time together,” Plaza exclaims. “I still don’t think we are going to make it,” adding, “But we do have some ideas.

Plaza also explained that Filmax doesn’t need their permission to greenlit a third film, but they’d be involved at some capacity. “They don’t need our permission…[we’ll] probably well be involved as credit producer or executive producer.

In addition, Plaza is working on a new vampire film, which is based on a short he did for the internet.

I’m working on a little projected called DAMNED FRIDAY, because a friend asked us to short some fake trailers for a contest in Spain,” he reveals to Bloody Disgusting. “We each shot one and I shot one for a vampire film called DAMNED FRIDAY.” (watch it below) “When I see the trailer I say `Id like to go and see this film,’ I am now developing this script and hopefully I shoot it.

Keeping his lips closed, Plaza only reveals this small morsel of info about the film, “Someone becomes a vampire without beliving on a vampire,” adding that it’s “very realistic.

Are you familiar with LET THE RIGHT ONE IN? I love that one. As a vampire fan, I like the films that bring something different or a new angle, and that’s what I try and do.

REC 2 arrives in Spain next month, with a US release coming via Sony Home Entertainment some time next year.


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