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Shriekfest 2009 Horror Film Festival Line-Up Announced

The 9th annual Shriekfest Horror Film Festival just unveileed their line-up for their forthcoming event taking place October 1-4 at the Raleigh Studios in CA. Some highlights include Darin Scott’s Dark House, Luke Ricci’s How to Be a Serial Killer, Travis Betz’s Lo and even Robert Beaucag’s Spike. Check out the official website for ticket info.

Thursday, October 1st
8:00 PM
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Opening Night Party
Opening Night Party | 240 min.

Friday, October 2nd
7:00 PM
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Maneater (L.A PREMIERE)
Michael Emanuel | Horror Feature | 90 min.

8:45 PM
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How to Be a Serial Killer
Luke Ricci | Horror Comedy | 87 min.

10:30 PM
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Travis Betz | Horror | 83 min.

Saturday, October 3rd
12:00 PM
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Gregg Holtgrewe | Thriller | 70 min.

1:00 PM
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Short Program 1
Short Program | 101 min.
plays with…
Lock (ed) In (WEST COAST PREMIERE) | Lea McMahan
The Shot (WORLD PREMIERE) | Travis Lee Eller
Unawakening | Jack Patrick Stanley
Marooned? | Ryan Nagata
Empty Halls (LA PREMIERE) | Michael William Vara and Jeremy Cloe
2095 | Troy Romeo 2008

1:30 PM
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No-Do: The Beckoning (US PREMIERE)
Elio Quiroga | Horror | 94 min.

3:00 PM
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Short Program 2
Short Program | 99 min.
plays with…
Howling Brat | David Pope
Now That You’re Dead | Patrick Rea
Delaney | Carles Torrens
Cold Calls (WEST COAST PREMIERE) | Jack Daniel Stanley
Death in Charge | Devi Snively 2008
The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon | Richard Gale
Remote | Marc Roussel

3:30 PM
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Robert Beaucage | Gothic Fairytale | 82 min.

5:00 PM
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Short Program 3
Short Program | 109 min.
plays with…
Carved | Shane Free
A Little Mouth to Feed | Jack Daniel Stanley
Mr. Gun | Ben Juhl
Monstrous Nature | Jason Cuadrado 2009
Next Caller
Thirsty (L.A PREMIERE) | Andrew Kasch
Dark Room Theater, Love You to Death | Benjamin Pollack

5:30 PM
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Surviving Evil (US PREMIERE)
Terence Daw | Horror | 90 min.

7:00 PM
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Short Program 4
Short Program | 100 min.
plays with…
Interview with an Alien | G. Tyler Payne
Rekindled | Jack Daniel Stanley
Fantasy (US PREMIERE) | Izabel Grondin
Dead Game | Richard Bluth
Rift | Andrew Huang
Enigma | The Shumway Brothers

7:30 PM
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Dan Donley | Horror | 87 min.
** Note: Q & A to Follow

9:45 PM
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Darin Scott | Horror | 85 min.
** Note: Q & A to Follow

Sunday, October 4th
12:00 PM
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Nightmares In Red, White And Blue (WEST COAST PREMIERE)
Andrew Monument 2008 | Feature | 98 min.

2:00 PM
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Barbara Stepansky | Thriller | 97 min.

4:00 PM
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Chris Conlee | Horror | 90 min.

6:00 PM
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Evil Angel (U.S PREMIERE)
Richard Dutcher | Horror | 123 min.

8:30 PM
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Tammi Sutton | Thriller | 83 min.

10:15 PM
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Awards Show

Check out the official website for ticket info.



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