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‘Paranormal Activity’ Continues Its Upward Trend!



While you guys sit here on BD bitching and moaning about remakes and big budget horror films, I really had my doubts that you’d actually turn out for Oren Peli’s micro-budget haunt flick Paranormal Activity. You kick and scream for quality original films and Paramount Pictures is handing you one on a silver patter – and all you have to do is show your support. Well, you guys have really done it and have propelled the film to new heights. In its second weekend, PA is estimated to take in nearly $500k by Sunday in only 30 theaters (and only playing after midnight)! The big news is that it will continue to expand next weekend based on where you guys DEMAND IT. If you haven’t yet, click the link and make your demand heard, see the film, then click on back here to BD with your review. Hopefully this baby will take off (and I mean really take off) and become a new horror phenomenon.


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