Tim Sullivan on ‘She-Freak’ Remake

Is it really a remake? Not if the writer(s) haven’t even seen the original! Inside Tim Sullivan talks about his project, which is about a waitress who leaves the greasy-diner business for the excitement of the carnival. She quickly discovers that she despises freaks and human oddities. I guess there’s music involved in it too- read on for the details.
Fangoria writes, “Director Tim Sullivan, wrapping up work on 2001 MANIACS, is already deep into development on his next project, SHE FREAK (which was originally reported here). Sullivan gives Fango some background on how this project came to be: “After writing 2001 MANIACS, [co-scripter] Chris Kobin and I were trying to figure out what the follow-up should be. Dave Friedman had produced a little-known film in 1967 called SHE FREAK, and offered us the remake rights. Although I had never seen the film-and still haven’t-the idea of a female monster set in a rock ‘n’ roll sideshow appealed to me as something that could be expanded upon. I reimagined it as a female PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, an avenging angel who rids the world of evil-one man at a time! There have been so few female monsters through the years. BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA’S DAUGHTER, SPECIES… Not much else. The time is right for something like that.

“We wrote a script in the same vein as MANIACS,” he continues, “combining horror and dark humor, using both as social commentary-in the case of SHE FREAK, focusing on male and female stereotypes, consumerism and the public’s thirst for blood! Steve Nemeth optioned the project for Rhino Films; he passed the script on to Asia Argento, who read it and loves it. Let’s see if her schedule works out.”

Source: Fangoria