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Ronny Yu Will ‘Kill First, Ask Later’, Talks Fear Itself Episode

With Lionsgate’s “Fear Itself” TV series now on DVD everywhere, we caught up with director Ronny Yu (Freddy vs Jason, Bride of Chucky) who brought us the episode “Family Man.” During the interview, we asked him what’s next on his plate and he revealed exclusively to Bloody-Disgusting, “I am developing a 3D action horror blood bath.” The title? “Kill First, Ask Later.” No other details were revealed at this time, but you can read more about “Family Man” below.
Written by Daniel Knauf (“Supernatural,” “Carnivale”), Yu talks about the plot of “Family Man. ”

This is a story of an ordinary family man, played by Colin Ferguson, with a picture perfect all-American family. One day on his way to work he is involved in a horrific car crash. While fighting for his life in the hospital, some mysterious power has him switch bodies with a serial killer, played by Clifton Collins Jr. who is wounded and has just been captured by the police. What happens next is totally a mind manipulator with a chilling twist at the end that nobody would see coming and it will blow your mind away,” revealing that he collaborated with Knauf, “Yes, and I had a great time collaborating with Daniel.

He adds that it was difficult shooitng a horror film for TV because, “You have to be aware of the limitations in the areas of violence and gore. [I had to] tone down all the violence and gore.

When shooting a TV movie, it’s a much different experience than shooting a feature film. Yu talks about what he enjoyed in making a made-for-TV movie. “The limited time allowed on pre-production / production / post production. You have to be fully prepared, make your choice quick and be right on the money. There is no time to think ‘maybe………….’

You can pick up FEAR ITSELF now on DVD everywhere.



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