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First Details and Images for ‘Rottenbury Drive’

“Strangers Are All Around Us…” Los Angeles based Dark Horizon Pictures, an independent production company, has announced that it is in the early filming and pre-production stages for the new thriller/horror feature film Rottenbury Drive, written and directed by European film maker Ciril Koshyk (aka Ciril Kochik), which will be Ciril’s director’s debut.
The film synopsis and screenplay quickly received attention for its originality and horrifying plot that peeked the interest of various industry people (Jacek Pulanecki, Leon Melas, Kenneth C. Barrows, Dan Blanchett, Gary Barrett, Nitza, Vincent Labelle, Mark Petrie, B.J. Winslow), including actors such as: James J. Thomas (“Ice Men”, “Flirting with Danger”, “Blind Injustice”), Pierre Du Lat (“The Pet”, “Donor” with David Carradine, “Red Ribbon”), Christie Campagna (“Vanilla Sky”, “The Eliminator”), Nathan Bexton (“Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return”, “Go” with Katie Holmes), James Duval (“Gone in Sixty Seconds”, “Independence Day”, “Donnie Darko”), Krista McRoberts, Shane Bohlen, Randy Cannon and others. The film has been in creation and planning stages for over 2 years.

For over a decade, Ciril Koshyk has been mastering the craft of filmmaking. Additionally, he is an extremely accomplished visual effects supervisor/artist who has worked closely on multiple feature films and TV reality shows, where he contributed big feature-like, big budget effects enhancing the production quality of these projects. Ciril has worked with Hollywood’s most experienced talents. A plethora of visual effects will be intergraded in the film with extensive use of green/blue screen stage filming and miniatures conveying a unique look reminiscent of 1980’s style movies. The savvy director will avail himself of such cameras as Sony F900, and the RED One (shot at 4K) to dramatically enhance the visual special effects in post-production visual effects.

Fans of John Carpenter and David Lynch will enjoy this psychological terror, which stirs up primal fears. The film will be released in two versions: theatrical and DVD including an “Unrated Director’s Cut”.

Ciril says: “…I believe this will be very personal experience for each viewer. The original idea and plot came from my own childhood observations. If you didn’t have THAT fear, you will be infected with it, I know it…

The film “Rottenbury Drive” will be released sometime in early 2010. The demographics of its audience will be as diverse as their fears.

Dark Horizon Pictures also confirms that international model and actress Phoebe Price, has been cast in “Rottenbury Drive”.

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