Introducing the “Why You Should Buy It” Segment..

I’m officially starting a small new segment which I would like to call Why You Should Buy It. These small news posts will entail a new or old product that for some reason or another kicks major ass, or is so freaking idiotic, you’ve got to waste a few bucks on it. This weeks edition I will convince you to buy the re-release of the book, The Hellraiser Chronicles, which hits UK store on May 21st and US stores this October. Read on for a great laugh- and I mean this- a great freaking laugh!
Back in 1992 the book, Hellraiser Chronicles, was published (which is now being re-rerleased) and it featured many quotes from Doug Bradley, Clive Barker and more people. Well as I was reading through this extremely colorful book, which is pretty much Hellrasier- Hellrasier III is book form- but totally amazing, and I came across a quote by FX designer and genius Bob Keen that had me laughing so hard, I cried!

Back in 1992 the book writes about how amazed the cast and crew was by the army of fans who take the Hellraiser movies and spin-offs so seriously, in response to this, they quoted Keen as saying, “It’s beyond by comprehension. They know the material so well. Their loyalty to Hellrasier is remarkable, and I suppose that is possible because it is one of the last great horror series that hasn’t been milked to death.

Wow- if he only knew what was to come, I’m even losing count, I have to think for a second. There’s Deader and Hellworld coming this October, that’s eight films now right? Milked is becoming an understatement…

The synopsis of the book is: Published to coincide with the release of “Hellraiser III: Hellbound”, this book includes a full portrait gallery of all the main characters and the monstrous Cenobites from all three films. The book also includes script extracts, original design sketches and interviews with cast and crew.

You can pre-order the book here. It really is a cool book, and the original is going for over $66 on Amazon’s website.

Source: Titan Books