Director of ‘Cube’ Joins ‘Rip Cage’ Cast!

Lennie Overgaard, writer and visual effects supervisor of Rip Cage (more about the film here) announced today that acclaimed and award-winning director of ‘Cube’, ‘Cypher’ and ‘Nothing’ has actually joined the cast of Rip Cage! For more on the film and this breaking story, read on…

Writer and visual effects supervisor of ‘Rip Cage’, Lennie Overgaard, explains:

“I wanted to make movie history from square one – from the very first word I wrote of the script. The only question was how to do it. With so many movies having been made during the history of motion pictures, you either come up with something that is really clever, something that is really different or you break some kind of record. I think we’re going for all three with ‘Rip Cage’. I have never heard of any other films that are going to use as much green screen as we’re going to use, at least that I know of.”

“The footage for ‘Rip Cage’ will be stunning. Following the storyboards we’ll show you something you’ve never seen before. As you may know we want to bring editor Mark Sanders to the project to get some editing unlike any other.”

“Also, everyone who has read the script say it’s very imaginative and a story with a lot of layers and massive potential.”

“For this specific part that we got for Vincenzo I really kept him in mind all the way through the writing process, but I somehow forgot about the idea of involving him until recently. We had a short chat about what it was all about and he was on the project by then already. I didn’t have to convince him at all. He was intrigued to do it.”

Source: Savage Dog Films