What the Hell? ‘Day of the Dead’ Sequel WRAPS?

Where in gods name did this come from? Fangoria reports, “While rumors of a DAY OF THE DEAD remake continue to fly around, Fango has learned that a sequel to George Romero’s 1985 film, titled DAY OF THE DEAD: CONTAGIUM, has quietly wrapped shooting in LA. Produced by Taurus Entertainment, which owns the rights to DAY and TWO EVIL EYES, the follow-up was directed by Taurus president and CEO Jim Dudelson and vice president of production Ana Clavell. Previously, Dudelson directed the modern Poe update MORELLA, the campus slasher HORROR 101 and something called MUSEUM OF THE DEAD; Clavell recently helmed the sequel HORROR 102.”

Source: Fangoria