‘Hellboy 2′ in the Works- but which Story?

Guillermo del Toro recently talked on his official website about the status and possibility of a Hellboy 2, since the first did so well in theaters. Inside he talks a little about the sequel and which story they might go with.
Sci Fi Wire reports, “Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro confirmed to fans on the movie Web site’s official bulletin board that plans are in the works for a sequel and other projects based on the film. “Yes, we are talking about a second movie,” del Toro wrote. “The [box-office] numbers make perfect sense, since we were a relatively ‘inexpensive’ movie at under $70 million, and we will make enough domestically.”

Del Toro added that he and Mike Mignola, creator of the Hellboy graphic novels on which the film is based, “are fleshing out ideas and storylines we’ve been discussing for some time now. Mike thinks there will be no Lobster (sob), but Roger is in for sure,” referring to popular comic characters Lobster Johnson and Roger the Homunculus. Del Toro said that the sequel could contain plot elements from the Hellboy graphic novels Almost Colossus and Conqueror Worm.

Del Toro added that there are plans for a Hellboy anime series, from Gonzo Anime, and that producers are seeking possible video-game publishers. “Mike Mignola and I will be involved in the plotting of [the game] to make sure that it flows with the mythology of the movie, anime, comic, etc.,” he said.”

Source: Sc-Fi Wire