‘Freddy vs Jason’ Rumors Out of Control

Inside is some more interesting news from a scooper that attended the Pittsburgh Comic Con regarding Freddy vs Jason 2 and Kane Hodder. This is just another set of ridiculous rumors that hopefully will be cleared up by the end of the week. Read on for what was said….
A scooper wrote Dark Horizons the following, “Kane Hodder was there and says he has expressed interest in appearing in it, and when signing for me, said there’s a good chance he’ll get to be in it. Thinks they’re going to be doing it before the end of the year and latest is it won’t feature Ash from Evil Dead, that’s one idea that escalated out of control apparently. Ronny Yu is doing it, there is a script. No one has seen it, but I’d be so glad to see the original Jason back where he belongs”.

I will be looking deep into this news with a certain someone on Thursday, I hope to be able to clarify something with you if it’s not tight lipped. So check back this weekend for an update on this news.

Source: Dark Horizons