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BD Special Treat: Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘Top 10 Halloween Songs’!

We’ve got a special Halloween treat for you to kick off this holiday weekend. Beyond the break you’ll find the “Top 10 Halloween Songs of Avenged Sevenfold”, a list compiled by the entire band with an explanation for each selection by rhythm guitarist and harmony vocalist Zacky Vengeance! You can enjoy a sample of each track by scrolling to the bottom. Happy Halloween!

10. Marilyn Manson – “This is Halloween” (cover)

MM did a great job covering this song from The Nightmare Before Christmas. You can tell he wanted to make sure he did the song justice and I think he did.

9. Old Man’s Child – “Towards Eternity”

You definitely need something satanic on Halloween. This is what it sounds like when demons and goblins dance and then violently decapitate you.

8. Michael Jackson – “Thriller”

This song is probably everyone’s favorite. When I saw the video as a kid I was scared.

7. Nick Cave – “Song of Joy”

This is from the most twisted album I’ve ever heard. It’s called “Murder Ballads” and is a fucking masterpiece. This song tells the tale of a man’s family being brutally murdered in gory detail with the man narrating it. The twist is is that the killer is actually…

6. AFI – “Fall Children”

This song is so in-your-face and reminds me of the days when A7X was just starting out and me and Shadows would be at Bionic records waiting to get our hands on EPs like this.

5. Avenged Sevenfold (of course) – “A Little Piece of Heaven”

Any song about killing your girlfriend then sodomizing their corpse then returning back as a zombie should be in your Halloween playlist.

4. The Residents – “Harry the Head”

Our drummer the Rev turned me on to the Residents. This is from the album entitled “Freak Show” and it always makes me feel like I’m in some Carney nightmare.

3. The Misfits – “Halloween”

I think this choice pretty much speaks for itself…

2. Murder City Devils – “Press Gang”

This is one of those bands that were so raw and dirty that their presence alone was scary. Spencer Moody, the singer, looks like a serial killer, and the song is about bodies hanging to scare off pirates and shit, which was once a real concept.

1. Oingo Boingo – “Dead Man’s Party”

To me this is the ULTIMATE Halloween party song. In fact, it’s the theme of my party this year. It’s light-hearted, yet spooky, and the musicianship of Elfman/Bartek cannot be matched.

Avenged Sevenfolds Top 10 Halloween Songs



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