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AFM ’09: ‘Puppet Master: Axis of Evil’, ‘Luster’ and ‘Dark House’



The American Film Market is just a few days away and Bloody Disgusting is unloading even more sneak peaks at what’s to come in 2010. With our Indie Section already filled to the brim with stories, we’ve got another round-up for you this evening. Beyond the break you’ll find the official synopsis and sales art for Full Moon’s Puppet Master: Axis of Evil, Adam Mason’s (The Devil’s Chair) latest thriller Luster and Darin Scott’s Dark House. Watch for tons more this week.
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Directed by: Dave DeCoteau

The ninth film in the series: In a stateside hotel during the height of World War II, young DANNY COOGAN dreams of joining the war effort. Following the murder of hotel guest Mr. Toulon by Nazi assassins, Danny finds the old man’s crate of mysterious PUPPETS and is suddenly thrust into a battle all his own. He discovers that Nazis MAX and KLAUS, along with beautiful Japanese saboteur OZU, plan to attack a secret American manufacturing plant. After his family is attacked and his girlfriend BETH is kidnapped, it is up to Danny and the living deadly Puppets to stop this Axis of Evil….


Directed by: Adam Mason
Starring: Andrew Howard, Billy Burke, Sarah Essex, Pollyanna Rose, Tess Panzer, Ian Duncan, Matthew Rhys

Thomas Luster is a troubled businessman who tries to make sense of a life being driven out-of-control by a force closer to home than he first realizes. When he discovers that the man working against him is another side of his own personality he is forced to fight back against his manipulative alter-ego as murder, madness and mayhem combine to take Thomas Luster on the most bizarre and terrifying ride of his life.


Directed by: Darin Scott
Starring: Meghan Ory, Jeffrey Combs

Harmless illusions mysteriously turn deadly in the largest and most anticipated Haunted House attraction of all time.

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