You Want to Help With Casting? Well Get to Work!

I’ve been in recent contact with Andrew Gaty, who is producing George Romero’s next zombie flick, Diamond Dead (official website). Well what they want is some casting ideas you may have, people like Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto, Gine Gershon etc.. The point is, Gaty, Romero, Romero’s son Cameron, Ridley Scott and song writer Richard Hartley will 100% be looking over your casting ideas and want to continue to keep the fans involved every step of the way through the production of the film. Help out and make your opinions clear by clicking here or read on to see who has actually read the script already and could soon enough end up in one the many roles in Diamond Dead..
Right now, this news is also posted on the official website, but David Bowie and Gwen Stephani both are reading the script for a part. Andrew Gaty writes,

“After seeing our site, MTV asked to evaluate the project for possible financing.

Hal Sadoff and I had a good meeting with Zach at Scott Free. We decided to re-focus on casting, as we decided to move forward as an independent production, rather than trying to get full financing from studios. We are compiling a list for each of the roles and we will start approaching agents more aggressively.

Both Zach and I are now asking our fans to submit casting ideas – we will take your suggestions seriously. If you have suggestions, please email the site as soon as possible, as we would like to finalize a list by the middle of the week. I am reviewing all past suggestions.

Zach spoke with Gwen Stefani’s agent, and she is reading the script.

We are still waiting to hear about David Bowie. This is taking longer than I expected.

According to Hal, we can raise at least 40% from the UK. In addition, we could get a “bank gap” for 20%-25% and with some presales; we could be closer to fully financing the project. To turn this into reality, we would have to have a more or less complete package. This is why your casting suggestions are important.

Scott Free’s agents, William Morris will also be coming up with financing and casting ideas, hopefully this week.

We are working on broadening our site’s content. A whole team is being assembled and I hope in a week or two, you will be pleasantly surprised. We will post the information as soon as it is available.”

The plan is to make Diamond Dead the most ‘openly’ made movie of all-time, and they are going to keep you fans involved every step of the way. This new site that Andrew speaks of is going to be revolutionary and there are going to be about 1000 ways for you to get involved with the film- and maybe IN the film! Keep youre eyes posted here for more in the near future….

Source: Official Website