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AFM ’09: ‘Mutant Chronicles’ Director Seeing ‘Blood Reds’

Mutant Chronicles director Simon Hunter is already prepping his next major motion picture, Blood Reds, which begins when blood is spilled on a battlefield bringing the dead back to life. The CG heavy pic will be produced by Tim Dennison. Check out the official synopsis and sales art below!
During 1920 in the frozen wilderness of Siberia, British and American Marines fight alongside the white Cossacks, during the Russian revolution. After a murderous attack by Russian plans the army retreats to a war torn village church where they are hunted down and discovered by an enemy patrol.

As the blood of hundreds of dead soldiers seeps into the snow after a vicious battle, the survivors learn to their horror that the church was the ancient burial ground of a mighty warlord vampire who awakens once again to rampage with his army of the undead!



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