Kane Hodder Rumor Squashed….

Mr Disgusting here with some major rumor control (about this news post). Seems there is a bit of news floating around the web that Kane Hodder is in talks to be Jason once again in the next Freddy vs Jason installment. Inside you’ll find the truth regarding this rumor and one other that plagued the web this week…
My sources have confirmed that this is in fact totally UNTRUE, Kane Hodder will not make his return in Freddy vs Jason 2. New Line Cinema loved Ken Kirzinger, and the will try and stick with him in the next film.

The other rumor was that Ronny Yu has already signed onto direct the sequel. The truth is that he is VERY close, but it is not official yet. Expect some serious news within the next few weeks regarding the second wave battle- and a little surprise from Mr. Disgusting- you won’t want to miss this! Check back next week for the biggest horror news to EVER hit the web!