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Don’t let Mom and Dad tell you that you’re too old for toys now — besides, it’s not like you’re actually playing with them, right? Right. With that in mind, Bloody-Disgusting has put together a list of the best horror-themed toys and merchandise to add to your holiday wish list (or buy as a gift for that special goth girl/guy in your life). For those horror fans who are past the point of collecting action figures, we’ve included links to more “sophisticated” stuff like macabre fashion items and two-headed baby skeletons. Happy Kwanzaa!



Sand Baby Castaways (Glenda Rolle)

These creepy, genuinely inspired 12-inch limited edition dolls are shipped to buyers in wooden crates stamped “Rescued”, and each comes with a unique SOS message stuffed inside a bottle. All messages have been signed by artist Glenda Rolle according to the order in which she “rescued” each specific castaway. One of the coolest things about these sand-filled creations, each imbued with a single clear blue eye (the other has been pecked out by seagulls) and limbs attached by rusty eye hooks, is that Rolle has taken the time to craft a fictional mystique surrounding the origins of each. Sure, we know they were put together in an artist’s studio, but it’s still fun to pretend.

Order it by clicking here (after scrolling through their story, click on “Merchandise” at the top to purchase)

Ghostbusters 6″ and 12″ collectible action figures (Mattel)

The 6-inch versions are pretty cool for $20, but extreme Ghostbusters fanatics (money-permitting) might as well splurge on the 12-inchers for an extra 40 bucks. Disappointingly, not all four of the Ghost Busters team members are available in both sizes, and sadly there’s no Peter Venkman figure, period (while Winston Zeddemore is only available in the 6-inch size). However, the 12″ Spengler and Stanz figures are amazingly detailed, particularly their proton packs, where every hose and wire has been meticulously rendered. They also boast real cloth outfits! Neat-o. A must-have for serious collectors.

Order it by clicking here

House of Monsters Skateboard (Monsterman Graphic)

You can add your own text and images to this skateboard with artwork by Monsterman Graphic, which is graced with the visages of three classic movie monsters – Lon Chaney’s Phantom, Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, and Boris Karloff’s Monster. Show off your love for horror as you’re grinding rails, executing sick radicals (can you tell yet that I’m not a skateboarder?) or even while cracking your head on the unforgiving pavement. The decks are built out of the finest hard-rock maple, and are available in a variety of different styles.

Order it by clicking here

Freddy Krueger Deluxe Edition 12in action figure (Sideshow)

Everyone’s favorite wisecracking, razor-fingered dream killer has been lovingly cast in a 12″ figure – complete with removable hat and real cloth red-and-green sweater (does it come in hot pink?) which, when lifted, reveals the tortured souls of Freddy’s victims morbidly displayed inside his chest. As an added bonus, the figure comes with a miniature of the unfortunate “marionette boy” featured in the third movie. In case you didn’t know, all of this goodness is in honor of the 25th anniversary of his film debut. Malibu Dream House sold separately.

Order it by clicking here

Horror Movie T-Shirts (

I know these t-shirts were featured last year, but Fright Rags nevertheless deserves another mention. The manufacturer goes above and beyond the call of duty by producing high-quality t-shirts that aren’t merely movie posters reprinted on cotton but rather artful reconstructions of specific scenes and quotes from the featured movies. For example, if you’re a fan of the movie Carrie you can purchase a shirt with a blood-drenched artist’s rendering of the titular heroine with that famous line: “They’re all going to laugh at you!” emblazoned in bold, comic-book-style letters underneath. Or maybe you’re partial to the pint-sized stop-motion demons from The Gate? Oh yeah, they have a shirt for that. The site doesn’t sport an enormous variety of different artwork, but that’s not really the point – for Fright Rags, it’s quality over quantity.

Order it by clicking here

Wolfman 12in and 7in action figures (Mezco)

Being released in conjunction with the new Universal Wolfman remake starring Benicio del Toro, the 12″ figure features film-accurate details, 13 points of articulation, and real cloth vest and shirt. The 7″ version comes with a scale wolf head cane as featured in the movie. Again, if you have the money go for the 12-incher (it’s only a $22 difference). Regardless of the quality of the film, these figures are definite must-haves for collectors of horror memorabilia.

Order it by clicking here

Lifesize (12in) “Aliens” Chestburster (Hollywood Collectibles)

No, it’s not a weird-looking dildo. Just in time for the holidays, this replica of the chest-bursting scene from James Cameron’s Aliens was made from the same molds that were used to create the creature for the movie. Funny enough, they also have a “clean” version of the creature (minus the blood) available, which just seems wrong. I mean, what fan of the Alien series is disturbed by the sight of gore? Nevertheless, the R-rated variant is a cool addition to any hardcore fan’s collection. It retails for $199.95, but you can pay in four easy installments!

Order it by clicking here

Black Rhino Collection (Marc Ecko)

For the fashionista horror-movie fan in your life, Marc Ecko introduces the limited-edition Black Rhino line of hoodies and t-shirts inspired by classic horror/fantasy films. Particularly cool is the Jason Voorhees hoodie, which zips up into a hockey mask that covers your entire face. It comes complete with mesh eye-and-breathing holes, and leather straps in back to complete the effect. You can also purchase the Jigsaw hoodie, although this one is rather less cool (in my opinion) given that it features the “Game Over” tagline scrawled brazenly across the front. In any case, this is a pretty sweet line that’s definitely worth checking out. Hoodies retail for $98, t-shirts for $28.

Order it by clicking here

Necromance Online Store

Necromance, which has been located on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles since 1991, has an amazing online store that features twisted items to suit every palate. Not only can you purchase real animal skulls and skeletons, but recreations of human skulls and skeletons at all stages of life, including some with abnormalities (love that reproduction of the two-headed fetal skeleton that was cast from a bona fide one). Or maybe you’re the type that enjoys yourself a good human anatomical model – they’ve got those too, complete with detachable internal organs. Other highlights? Absinthe-scented soap, coffin-shaped purses for the ladies, and cool lenticulars (old-style photographs that change from ordinary to horrifying as you move about the room). They also feature a great selection of morbid coffee-table books for those that prefer to keep their guests slightly on edge.

Order it by clicking here

Bloody-Disgusting T-shirts

Head on over to the official Bloody Disgusting store you’ll find official BD T-shirts (girl T’s too), mouspads and mugs (for those early morning shivers). Why not buy a present for yourself?



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