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‘The Wolfman’ Becomes a Franken-Movie?

Is The Wolfman actually Frankenstein in disguise? Well, it’s obviously not about a mad scientist’s assembled monster – yet, if the movie is the creature and the studio is Dr. Frank, then you tell me what that equals? According to a new article over at Variety, Mirisch Agency has booked editors Mark Goldblatt and Walter Murch to recut Joe Johnston’s The Wolfman reboot for Universal Pictures. For years now Bloody Disgusting has been hearing about the woes surrounding the hairy remake that is finally arriving in theaters February 12 (a Valentine’s Day massacre anyone?). With the pic being re-edited just months before release, and news of recent reshoots and rescoring (Danny Elfman’s score is to be replaced by composer Paul Halsinger’s take), it’s hard not to think we have a Franken-movie on our hands. Instead of moaning, he’ll be howling in disappointment.



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