Del Toro Can’t Get the Ghosts Out of His Head

Guillermo del Toro, who made a damn good ghost movie is Devil’s Backbone, is making his return to the genre with Pan’s Labyrinth, which will be a counterpart to Devil’s Backbone. You can read all of the amazing details inside.
Fangoria write:

“Following in the wake of HELLBOY’s successful release, Guillermo del Toro is ready to roll on his next project. Though he has been offered such mega-comic-book properties as IRON MAN and FANTASTIC FOUR, del Toro will instead focus on the low-budget ghost story PAN’S LABYRINTH.

“PAN’S LABYRINTH will serve as a counterpart to THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE,” del Toro tells Fango. “It’s a full-on fairy tale gone wrong. My script is very much in the mold of CRONOS and DEVIL’S BACKBONE, and will be done without any commercial aspirations. It’s going to be very scary, set against the fascist regime of Spain.” As with DEVIL’S BACKBONE, del Toro will make the film for Mexico’s Anhelo Producciones, with lensing set to begin in December in Argentina. Casting has already begun in Los Angeles.

“After PAN’S LABYRINTH, I will jump into my next big film, almost back to back. That project will either be HELLBOY 2 or IN THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS.”

Source: Fangoria