‘Resident Evil: Apocalypse’ Trailer Description

Now that the brand spanking new official website is live for Resident Evil: Apocalypse, talk of a second trailer is already looming around the web. Inside you can find a description of the second trailer, which should hit the web soon. Resident Evil 2 hits theaters September 10th from Screen Gems.
About.com writes the following trailer description:

“The trailer actually opens with a fake commercial for a beauty product, that devolves into a zombie. Then Jovovich appears to recap the events of the first film. The military then approaches a guy in a wheelchair and decides to seal the town in. We see the large gates closing the townies in with the undead. When it looks like the heroes are done for in an abandoned church, Alice crashes through the stained glass window on a motorcycle. Some of the CGI shots in the trailer were still temporary grayscale models, and one of Milla’s wall run shots had a wire that it’s not clear if the wire is part of the film, or to be digitally removed later.”

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Source: About.com