Rumor Control: 'The Birds' Remake Begins at the 'Last House on the Left'? - Bloody Disgusting
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Rumor Control: ‘The Birds’ Remake Begins at the ‘Last House on the Left’?



We’ve firmed up some unconfirmed news floating around the web last night over at Pajiba. It is 100% true that Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) will NOT be directing Universal Pictures’ remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, although their report that Last House on the Left helmer Dennis Iliades would be replacing him was 100% bogus. Through a few e-mails we learned that Iliades had at once talked to Platinum Dunes producers, but at this time there are no deals on the table or even talks for that matter. Tippi Hedren starred in the original thriller about increasingly vicious birds that terrorize a small town.


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