Magazine Review: Rue Morgue Issue #39

Ah, I always get excited when my Rue Morgue comes in the mail- sure there’s nothing I don’t know when it comes to news, but that’s not why I like to read this Candian horror mag. I love the articles in Rue Morgue- (no it’s not like Playboy!) they are indepth and very worth my time- and issue #39 is no exception. Read on to see why I loved this issue so much…
In issue #39’s “Post Mortem”, a Rue Morgue reader complained about how issue #38 spent too much time covering Hellboy, and how horror fans don’t care about that… well to those of you who felt the same way, you will be extremely happy with the newest issue.

I’ve been reading Rue Morgue for quite sometime now, and I have to say that I haven’t enjoyed an issue this much since they ran that huge feature on Freddy vs Jason. Issue #39 shows the main reason why I choose Rue Morgue over other horror mags- variety to the max!

I’m going to go through page by page and briefly explain why this issue rocks so much. First off, after I read the issue I ran online and reporter here that there is a two page article on Clive Barker’s Tortured Souls movie, with a very detailed synopsis- this is just the opening article!

Next up, theres a two page article on Lucky “May” McKee’s The Woods. There’s talk about Bruce Campbell, the plot, how it’s Lucky’s first major studio picture. Hopefully the news isn’t true about it being pushed back until 2005, I was super excited for this sucker!

After all that hefty reading, why not relax to some Weird Stats and morbid Facts? 13 quick crazy facts to entertain you when youve got a few minutes to kill waiting for that friend who’s always late. Followed by the top 6 Instances of Abnormal Birth- can you top that?

Proceeding on, Rue Morgue took the time to find some cool merchandise you can find on the web- such as Tombstones with your very own name engraved on them- for only $16- no way!

Then the big feature- seven pages of Cronenberg madness! The issues major story is on David Cronenberg’s 1976 classic film Rabid and its DVD re-issue. There’s an interview David, the genius behind The Brood, The Fly, Videodrome and more, there’s “13 minutes with Marilyn Chambers and of course the DVD review.

After you’ve made it through that tremendous article, it’s time for my absolute favorite thing that appeared in this issue. Two pages of Asian horror and I’m not just taking about movies. There’s a three page article on Junji Ito, the genius artist behind Uzumaki (Spiral, Vortex), Tomie and more! Intertwined within this article is a page on the Tomie series. Five movies over the span of three years is pretty crazy- but when you see the story behind them, and some of the directors that helmed each feature- you’ll be heading to your video store to rent them- or even to buy them.

Next up is a very unique article, which I LOVED. It’s called “Legends of Blood and Plastic”, which is the story behind the six upcoming McFarlane Monster figures. Not only do we get images of all seix figures, but we get the histories behind the famous killers: Elizabeth Bathory, Attila the Hun, Jack the Ripper, Vlad the Impaler, Rasputin and Billy the Kid. I didnlt really want any of these until I read the history behind Bathory- HOLY CRAP, she has got to be the sickest bitch that ever lived!

Another swerve as we went from movies to comics to figures and now back to movies- but this time independent film. We are treated to a two page article on Mathew Lussier’s upcoming blood fest Dead and Breakfast (our interview here). Jeremy Sisto and Gina Philips- I can’t wait!

Damn- I’m only half way through! I think I got my point across- this issue ROCKS! The following pages are filled with tons of movie reviews, DVD reviews, book reviews, CD reviews, game reviews and tons more!

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Source: Rue Morgue Issue #39