Freddy Krueger Gets Plastic Surgery

Another reason why NECA rules the earth- they make kick ass variant figures instead of changing stupid minor details. This summer NECA is proud to bring to you Fred Krueger, The Springwood Slasher Exclusive Action Figure. Available direct from NECA at this Summer’s San Diego ComiCon, Wizard Chicago, and Monster Mania, NJ this Exclusive figure will feature the unharmed Fred Krueger’s head as well as come with the alternate Freddy (Burned) head and hand. It will also come with Freddy’s hat and a rag doll from a scene in the beginning of Freddy Vs. Jason. This is going to be a very popular item, so if you have the chance to get it, do it! Every horror fan is going to want to have one of these! Read on for IMAGES!!

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Source: NECA