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Teaser One Sheets and First Details on ’15 Till Midnight’

Writer-director and star Brandon Slagle e-mailed us details on his new feature film, 15 Till Midnight, which goes behind the camera next spring from New York based Rotten Apple Productions. In the film, Lukas Reyes seems to have finally found contentment. However, the morning after his two-year anniversary with the “perfect girl”, he awakes to find that she has completely vanished from his life. Soon is becomes more and more clear that there may be more to the disappearance than the norm as strange events begin surrounding him. Time seems to begin overlapping as he finds himself caught in an endless paradox that drives him to the brink of sanity as his world goes from picture perfect to nihilistic.
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15 TILL MIDNIGHT combines sci-fi/horror/mystery/action – I’d say the plot may be a combination of Phillip K. Dick funneled through Hitchcock meets the ‘Bourne Identity’ bred with the tone of ’28 Days Later’,” Brandon Slagle writes in to BD. “It is being backed and is fully funded by Rotten Apple Productions NYC as their follow-up feature to the recently completed ‘The Gate of Fallen Angels’. I wrote the script and am also acting/directing. Executive Producer/co-director Dave Meyers and I will begin official casting in January for an April 2010 start date and late 2010 premiere. The special effects will be done by John Farley who did a film I’m in entitled Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag 69.

We are also currently scouting locations in New York City, focusing on Manhattan and Queens. We are shooting on the RED ONE camera and the film will feature music from Industrial/Speedcore musician ScreamerClauz. Other industrial and techno artists TBA will be included on the soundtrack and score.

Here’s the long synopsis:

Lukas Reyes seems to have found contentment in his life. Good friends, good job, and the perfect girl, Sera. However, the morning after their two-year anniversary, he awakes to find that she has completely vanished from his life. Soon it becomes more and more clear that there may be more to the disappearance than the norm as strange events begin surrounding him.

Seeing doubles of himself in the next room, everywhere he goes being seemingly being in a DIFFERENT time, walking blocks upon blocks in the city only to find himself at a location BEFORE his starting point, strange people who claim to have known him for years that he has no memory of, as well as seemingly faceless people following him through the subways, the streets, and into his home – these are but a few people the occurrences that have led him to believe that there is more going on around him that either himself or the immediate people around him are seeing.

One common thread binds all of these occurrences – each paradox and each lapse in time seems to be divided by FIFTEEN MINUTE intervals, going both forward as well as backwards in time.

When an attacker he killed in his home disappears and his lost love appears once again with no memory of the past few days, he learns that all of this may be due to the time-space continuum collapsing upon itself. The many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics and string theory may prove real as he learns he is actually stepping between duplicate worlds.

Each of these worlds previous acted as a gear in the wheel of time – essential to creating a balance in the universe. But now, as each one is overlapping, it wields horrific results. Somehow – it seems that Lukas is the only person aware of this – and he is driven out of his mind as the overlapping takes him down a nihilistic path that eventually brutally takes the lives of everyone around him.


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