Positive DVD Review: ‘Bubba Ho-Tep’

MGM’s release of Don Coscarelli’s Bubba Ho-tep, which stars Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis, is finally on its way to DVD May 25th. After over a two year wait, MGM made sure that you’ll be getting your pretty pennies worth by jam packing this DVD with all sorts of goodies, including a commentary track by Elvis himself! Read on for my positive review of the DVD…
Although I’m not the biggest fan of Don Coscarelli’s film Bubba Ho-Tep (review here), and was extremely disappointed with the film the first time I saw it, now I I kind of like it as a “what should we watch tonight while we talk” type film. Not only that, but MGM really out did themselves with this awesome DVD and packaged it beautifully, in a way only this DVD deserves.

Usually independent films don’t have much to offer on DVD, but Ho-tep is quite the opposite. The DVD is jammed packed with Deleted Scenes, Two Audio Commentaries, ‘Ho-Tep’ Short Story Reading, Behind-the-scenes featurette, “To Make a Mummy”, “To Score a King”, “Fit For a King”, Animated Photo Gallery, Trailer, Easter Egg and more! But what really makes this DVD worth a buy, and what makes me give this DVD a perfect 5 out of 5 skulls is the audio commentary by “Elvis”. Bruce Campbell watches the entire movie and pretends he’s Elvis and it’s freaking hysterical! He talks about his old films, and how they weren’t as racy as Ho-Tep. He jokes about why he always wore those glasses and how he has glaucoma. Not only do you get that commentary track, which is well worth the DVD price alone, you get another track with Bruce Campbell (as Bruce) and director Don Coscarelli.

Besides being nicely packaged, the DVD has some cool interactive menus, which show Mummy posters and articles about Ho-tep moving in the background. Then of course I went straight to the special features.

First there’s an eight minute feature where Joe Lansdale reads the first chapter of Bubba Ho-Tep while rendered screen shots from the movie are shown on the screen. I extremely cool addition to the DVD.

Then there were three deleted scenes, two with commentary from Bruce and Don. The first was Bruce (Elvis) contemplating that he might not actually be Elvis. I thought it was an important scene, but I understand why it was cut. The second deleted scene was worthless, but pretty funny; it was just some old lady going through her old things. The final deleted scene looked like it was a flashback of Ho-tep’s past, but I’m not quite sure since there was no commentary- it was called “Footage from a temple room floor.”

Then there was a “Making of” section, which was separated into three parts. Part one was called “To make a mummy”, which was a make-up and FX feature. Part two was called “Fit for a king”, which was a feature on Elvis’ costume. The final one was called Rock like an Egyptian”, which was a feature on the score. All together the featurette ran a whopping 45 minutes! There was tons of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Bruce, Don, Ossie and more! To top it all off, they had an awesome image gallery of shots from behind-the-scenes! I could never understand why DVDs had production still from the movie you just watched… but this made sense and it was pretty cool checking out Bruce getting all “fatted” up.

To round out the DVD there was a music video, which was quite cheesy, a trailer and a TV spot. There’s supposed to be an Easter Egg somewhere but I couldn’t find it, I’ll have to try again later and then fill you in.

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this DVD. If you have not seen this film, this is a great buy, if you’ve seen the film and loved it, it’s an even better buy, and if you were slightly disappointed with the film, you still might enjoy this DVD.

Perfect score 5 out of 5 skulls– let this be a lesson to other studios out there who release bare bones DVDS.

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