Campaign to Stop Production on Romero’s Next Film!?

According to Diamond Dead’s official website, certain groups are out to stop this Zombie-rock comedy from being made because Marilyn Manson is up for the role as Jesus (more on that here). You can get the full details on this crazy story inside…
According to Producer Andrew Gaty:

“We have received quite number of emails complaining about the possibility of Marilyn Manson in the role of Jesus Christ and about the scene in Heaven with Dr. Diabolicus and Jesus smoking pot.

It appears that there is a campaign being organized to stop production of the movie. It is not out of the question that this may be a bit of a worry to some of the studios who may be interested in distributing our movie. If this happens, so be it.

The reason why we have posted these emails is that we felt we should not censor comments. Also, we set out from the start to answer all questions, so we thought it fair to allow this group to have their say.

We stand by our project and will not make any changes to accommodate the radical and biased comments.

There are two more rewrites, which have not been posted and at least one more rewrite coming from George, so these comments are way too premature.

We regret that some might find parts of the script offensive, but those who are offended have an easy choice: don’t see the movie.”

Source: Official Website