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‘Collector’ Ripped Off in ‘The Taken’?

Wow. This is either a blatant rip-off, or the God’s are against Valentine Entertainment. Beyond the break you’ll find the trailer debut for Richard Valentine’s The Taken, a new indie film that looks shockingly similar to The Collector. In the flick six strangers, taken against their will, wake up to find themselves prisoners of a masked psychopath. One by one, abductees are ripped from their restraints and hauled away to fall victim to their captor’s demented procedures. But they find a chance to escape. Now, the remaining captives must venture out into the endless labyrinth of corridors and find a way out before the madman can bring them under his scalpel. Watch the trailer and then talk below.
Visit the official website for more:

“The Taken” Trailer from Valentine Entertainment on Vimeo.



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