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It’s a ‘Halloween’ Horror In Your House… on the ‘Moon’



The drought continues, but there are a ton of goodies to look forward to in the coming weeks. Below you’ll find Tex’s Horror In Your House that features DVD/Blu-rays arriving in stores today, January 10, 2010. Highlights include Rob Zombie’s Halloween II and Duncan Jones’ magnificent Moon.
Horror in your House
January 12, 2010


In the tradition of THE DEVIL S BACKBONE comes the internationally acclaimed Argentine/Spanish horror saga from writer/director Paco Cabezas. During a road trip to visit their dying father, an estranged brother and sister discover a hidden diary that reveals a family legacy of fear and torture. But when past and present begin to collide, the siblings must confront the truth behind the trail of ‘the disappeared’: 30 000 people kidnapped and murdered under Argentina’s military dictatorship…some of whom may have now returned to our world. Ruth Díaz and Javier Pereira star in this startling combination of supernatural chiller and shocking political thriller that Eye For Film hails as a modern ghost story made with commitment, passion and effective terror.


Terrence and Perander are two pill-popping swinger losers whose girlfriends are mysteriously kidnapped by CockHammer, a snuff porn kingpin and occult sorcerer bent on unlocking the secrets of the dreaded Black Mage diary! Will Terrence and Perander figure out his heinous intentions and rescue their ladies in time to get mangled, or will the girls become the latest victims in CockHammer’s elaborate plot to become a demigod?!?!

HALLOWEEN II (DVD & Blu-ray): Sony

Evil has a new destiny. Michael Myers is back in this terrifying sequel to Rob Zombie’s visionary re-imagining of Halloween which grossed almost $80 million worldwide. It is that time of year again, and Michael Myers has returned home to sleepy Haddonfield, Illinois to take care of some unfinished family business. Unleashing a trail of terror that only horror master Zombie can, Myers will stop at nothing to bring closure to the secrets of his twisted past. But the town’s got an unlikely new hero, if they can only stay alive long enough to stop the unstoppable.


Flirtatious young sorority sisters who are days away from graduation set out to throw one last decadent celebration. Unbeknownst to them, the strict matron of their house hides a horrendous secret thought long buried. A gruesome accident is witnessed by a hideous fiend, hidden within the once nurturing dwelling, which triggers a rampage of death and destruction. Before the end, the peril faced by this sisterhood will push them to the brink of annihilation. And rivers of blood will drown all who enter The House on Sorority Row.


Sam Bell is nearing the completion of his 3-year-long contract with Lunar Industries, mining Earth’s primary source of energy on the dark side of the moon. Alone with only the base’s vigilant computer Gerty as his sole companion, Bell’s extended isolation has taken its toll. His only link to the outside world comes from satellite messages from his wife and young daughter. He longs to return home, but a terrible accident on the lunar surface leads to a disturbing discovery that contributes to his growing sense of paranoia and dislocation so many miles away from home.

TEX SAYS: Not really a horror film, but it’s still one of the best films of the year. If you want my choice for horror film of the week, then pick up the original House on Sorority Row.

RIOT ON 42ND STREET: Shriek Show

“You want scum, you came to the right place.” Once upon a time, there existed a sleazy haven for degenerates, junkies, prostitutes and thugs. That place was 42nd Street, the Deuce. In the 80s, the Deuce still clung to its unsavory origins. For better or worse, Glen Barnes (John Patrick Hayden) looks to keep his grindhouse operation legitimate and must fight the underworld criminals who hold sway in these parts. When Glen’s entire staff is massacred on opening night, Glen must revert back to his violent history to exact a little revenge. Meanwhile, Glen’s cop exgirlfriend tries to convince him to keep his nose clean while her partner, played by Jeff Fahey, tries to snuff their rekindling romance.

THE RIVERMAN: North American Motion Pictures

Based on real-life events recounted in the best-selling book, The Riverman: Ted Bundy and I Hunt for the Green River, The Riverman recounts criminal investigator. Robert Keppel’s efforts to track down mass murderer Gary Ridgeway, aka the Green River Killer. With 10 unsolved murders weighing on his mind, Keppel recruits imprisoned serial killer Ted Bundy to help find the killer-at-large.


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