A Taste of Immortal Cheese in First 'Suck' Clips - Bloody Disgusting!

A Taste of Immortal Cheese in First ‘Suck’ Clips

Those of you following my yearly TIFF coverage already know how I feel about Rob Stefaniuk’s Suck (read the review), which features cameos by rockers Iggy Pop, Moby, Alice Cooper and Henry Rollins. But if you need a visual for yourself, below you can check out two cheesetastic clips from the rock’n’roll vampire comedy about a group of musical wannabees in search of immortality and a record deal. The rock band ‘The Winners’ have sunk so low, they will do anything to make it big. After a life-changing encounter with a vampire, they rocket to stardom only to discover that fame and fortune are not all they’re cracked up to be. Rob Stefaniuk, Jessica Pare, Malcolm McDowell and Dave Foley also star.