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First Look at Pop Singer Tiffany in ‘Necrosis’

Tiffany, internationally known for her famous pop songs of the 80’s (“I Think We’re Alone Now”, “Could’ve Been”, and “I Saw Him Standing There”) will also be known as the star of two DVD Independent horror films. The first one, a psychological horror film titled Necrosis, releases on April 20th from famed horror label BrinkDVD and the other Indie horror film Megapiranha from The Asylum, which releases on April 27th.
The Necrosis cast are no strangers to the horror genre. The main players have all done their share scaring you on the big and small screen. Top billed in Necrosis, James Kyson Lee, who portrays `Ando’ on NBC’s Heroes also had a role in 20th Century Fox’ “SHUTTER”. George Stults (7th Heaven) had starring roles in “Night Skies” and the Sci-Fi Channel’s “Hydra”. The leading ladies of Necrosis are also horror regulars, with Penny Drake appearing in multiple horror features like last years “Zombie Strippers.” Penny also had roles in “The Cook” and “Slaughter.” Danielle De Luca was top billed in “Naked Fear” with Joe Mantegna.

With Tiffany releasing two Indie horror movies within a week, her name is sure to occupy some real estate on the rental shelves. It looks like Tiffany is starting a comeback career in Horror!

When Necrosis director, Jason Stephens was asked about any “competition” from Megapiranha, he stated, “I don’t see it as a competition. “From what I’ve heard about the Piranha movie, we are talking about two totally different kinds of films. I’m happy that Tiffany has gotten more film work… she was really fun to work with on Necrosis and she had a great time. Indie horror movies are usually just as fun to watch, as they are to make. I hope Tiffany’s fans love both films.”

The only question is….Will the MegaPiranha Trailer become as viral as “Mega-Shark Vs. Giant Octopus?” which starred Tiffany’s 80’s music rival, Debbie Gibson. Yahoo! listed that trailer on their 2009 list of most-viewed movie trailers, which is a huge feat for a direct-to-dvd movie.

Necrosis will be released on DVD on April 20th 2010. BrinkDVD is currently taking Pre-Orders of the film here.



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