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20th Century Fox Acquires ‘Machete’, Weinstein Co Bashes Film

Deadline reports that Sony, Lionsgate, Warner Bros, Fox, Paramount, and The Weinstein Co. were all interested in acquiring the rights to Robert Rodriguez’s Machete – his feature-length version of his popular faux trailer from Dimension Films’ 2007 bomb Grindhouse – but only one could come out victorious. While you can read all the details at the aforementioned link, 20th Century Fox eventually won the rights using Predators – which Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios produced – as some collateral. But here’s where it gets interesting… apparently, a Weinstein Co insider claims it could have scooped up the pic for just $3.5M but didn’t because “we saw the footage and it’s not very good at all.” Or are they just bitter than their financial troubles are glaring in all facets? You be the judge. Watch the original Grindhouse trailer by reading on.



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