Anna Faris Moving on to Better Things…

Anna Faris, star of the three Scary Movies, will not be returning for David Zucker’s Scary Movie 4, which is shooting for a summer 2005 release. Inside you’ll find the reasons behind Anna’s departure- even though she still might make a cameo…
Moviehole writes:

Scary Movie 4 was supposed to have been filmed back to back with the second sequel, but the studio changed their mind at the last minute, opting to see how it went down at the B.O. With it ultimately making registers ring louder than Roseanne Arnold’s undertone at both the multiplex and now, Blockbuster, Dimension have officially agreed to continue the screwball antics, first initiated by the Wayans brothers, with the latest set to film over the Winter.

According to scooper Barnacle, it’s going to be a much different sequel than even the previous film – notably because it’ll likely be headlined by a new actress. “Anna Faris doesn’t look like coming back. Blame it on scheduling, blame it on the fact that she wants to move on from the character-.Cindy’s not pencilled in at the moment”.

Apparently the best we can hope for is a cameo appearance from Faris somewhere in the film, probably in the film’s first five minutes, says the scooper. “Faris will probably be filming her role in Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain at the same time as Scary Movie is filming this Fall, so her cameo will depend a lot on whether or not she can break free for one or two days work.”

The studio is reportedly hoping to release it next Summer.

Source: Moviehole