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A HILARIOUS Video Where Scout Taylor Compton Talks ‘Halloween 3’

Joey M. sent us a link to a video on YouTube that’s an instant classic in my book. Scout Taylor-Compton, who played Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s two Halloween films, posted a video chatting about thoughts on Halloween 3. She can’t seem to make up her mind and has obviously been tainted by all of the dialogue in Zombie’s film. Everything “sucks.” “They called me up and they said, ‘So we’re gonna do H3 in two months, we don’t really know our director and we don’t have a script’,” she says. “I said ‘No’ because I felt like they were rushing it and feel like they were just gonna make it suck.” She continues, “I honestly think it needs to stop. But if its a great script I definitely wanna do it…but Im definitely not gonna do a movie that sucks.” Well, that sucks. As Joey points out, wasn’t Rob Zombie’s sequel a completel rush job? I smell, I smell HYPOCRITE!



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