Another Slap in the Face from Miramax

Film Jerk reports some very disappointing and concerning news, “The Lena Olin/Anna Paquin horror film Darkness, shot in 2001 and recently scheduled to open on June 18, has been completely removed from Miramax’s release schedule.” Miramax has been notorious for buying up foreign films for US distribution, and then sticking them on the shelf- the only reason we are going to see Jet Li’s Hero is because of Quentin Tarantino. Shaolin Soccer was pushed back almost a year before it finally made a small release. Now here’s a horror film everyone’s talking about, and yet it’s being shelved. Forget em’, hit Ebay and go buy Darkness, Hero and any other movie they are planning on distributing, because you’ll probably never see it here anyhow- and they are only like $15.

Source: Film Jerk